Concert Cares Program adopts Fish Memorial Hospital

Concert Cares Program adopts Fish Memorial Hospital

As a part of the Concert Cares Program, Heathrow and Legacy Club are adopting FISH Memorial Hospital as our philanthropic endeavor.

On each Wednesday we will be delivering prepared meals to FISH Memorial for their staff that need our support during these challenging times.

100% of your donations will go to FISH Memorial Hospital staff needs and as members, you can help with this initiative in two ways:

1. On any To-Go meal order with Heathrow or Legacy, if you would like to add a $10 donation to your ticket, please let the staff know when you place your order.

2. Email any denomination of donation that you would like to put towards meals that will be delivered to FISH Memorial Hospital.

We are very excited about this direct program from Concert Golf Partners and feel it can have significant positive effect on our community.

Thank you again for your great continued membership support!
Covid-19 announcement

Covid-19 Info

In an effort to do our part to protect our members and to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Virus, all Major Events have been cancelled.

You may continue to play on Thursday by signing up but there will be no organized games for the rest of our season.

Stay Safe and Follow Guidlines to do your part to reduce the spread of Covid-19!