Challenge Cup Rules


  • USGA Rules govern all play.
  • The Team Captain may pair her 10 team members into 5 teams in any manner she chooses. Team #1 will play against Team #1 of the other team, and so on.
  • An alternate who is eligible in all respects for CFCC play may be substituted for a player who does not report for her match. The substitution can be made up until the time the pairing is scheduled to tee off. An individual team can tee off and play with only one player, if no eligible substitute is available. The originally scheduled player may join her partner on the course and complete the match, but an alternate cannot join a pairing after it has started play.
  • The matches will be played according with the USGA Decisions 9-4a/2 and 9-4a/3. Which states that the Course Handicap of all four players is reduced by the Course Handicap of the player with the lowest handicap,who then plays from scratch. Each of the three other players is allowed 100 percent of the difference. (Added 2007)
  • If a temporary green is used, or if a hole is unplayable because of water or any other reason, the points for that hole will be split.
  • If a Club has more than one course or combination of courses, the same course rotation should be used for all matches. (rev 2003)
  • As revisions of handicaps/USG indexes sometimes occur on the day of a match, handicaps in effect on the day preceding a scheduled match will be used for completion. (added 8/2007)
  • In order to speed up play, practice putting is not permitted after a putt has been conceded or the outcome of the hole decided. (rev, 2003)
  • To insure unnecessary interruption of play, use of cellular phones is not permitted during the play of matches, except in an emergency. (Rev. 2003)
  • Even though the Home Pro Shop may assist in doing the cards, it is the Home Team’s responsibility that the cards are available to the Visiting Captain in a timely fashion and are correct.
  • The Home Team Captain shall provide a local Rules Sheet for each pairing

Slow Play Rule Accepted (rev. 5/2015)

If you fall behind the group in front of you by an entire hole, you must halve that hole and pick up and go to the next hole.

To clarify, if you pull up to a par 3 and the group in front of you has already teed off on the next hole and are preparing to hit their next shots, you must skip the par 3. If you pull up to the tee box on a par 4 or 5 and no one is on the hole, you must skip that hole. The only exception to this rule is if the open hole is due to the group in front of you just having skipped the hole, ie. If you’ve been waiting and the group in front of you is now gone, they have skipped a hole. In that case, play the open hole and now work to stay up with them


Play may be suspended only is there is lightning, seen or reported, in the area,if the Host Professional declares the course unplayable, or if the Team Captains agree to do so because of intolerable playing conditions. Except in the case of lightning, individual teams may not abandon play on their own.

If a match resumes play after a suspension, and one player of a pairing does not wish to play, her partner may complete the match alone. If both players of a pairing do not continue, then the points earned stand, but the remaining points are awarded to the opposing team.

If a match has been suspended and, subsequently, cannot be completed on the same day, the following applies:

  • If all pairings have completed 13 holes or more, the Visiting Team Captain will have the option of splitting points for the remaining holes. If the Visiting Team Captain does not wish to split points, the match must be rescheduled within a week, and match continues from the point after the last completed hole. All players must be the same as in the original match and the points earned for completed holes shall count. The rule in paragraph two above, with regard to matches after a suspension applies in this situation.
  • If less than 13 holes have been completed by All pairings, the match must be rescheduled within the time period allowed and started as a new match with new players and previous points wiped out.
  • The decision to split points or reschedule the remainder of the match must be made before the Visiting Team leaves the Home team’s property. The decision, once made, cannot be changed. The CFCC Chairman should be notified of the decision and the rescheduled date.

    If, in advance of a scheduled match, the Host Professional deems the course “unplayable”, and both Team Captains agree, the clubs involved may swap the location of their match as long as it is played within the 17 day period. Conditions which may apply are: extreme wetness, over seeding, temporary greens, etc. Caution should be used in invoking this rule since the possibility for confusion is immense. The clubs involved should notify the CFCC Chairman immediately.

    In the interest of keeping play moving, a conceded putt will be picked up immediately and practice putting on the completed hole will not be permitted.


    Four “traveling “ plaques will be awarded as follows:

    • Team Gross Winner
    • Team Gross Runner-Up
    • Team Net Winner
    • Team Net Runner-Up

    The plaques will be presented to the winners at the Annual Meeting for display at their club. These plaques remain the property of CFCC and will be returned to the Chairman of CFCC at the end of the following season. Suitably inscribed smaller plaques will be presented, as well, to be retained by the Finalists.